Welcome to 2015
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
By Jim King
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Well it would seem as though 2014 is just about behind us now. In 6 hours we will start all over again, and at that point I will begin trying to remember to write "2015" on my checks. It will take me a month before I finally get it right on the first try. Yes, I am still one of those guys that writes checks. Would you believe that I have actually NEVER used an ATM card in my life! I am "old school" in just about everything. My lifestyle, my likes, dislikes and my work. I'm certainly not complaining though as I have been truly blessed in my life. As for 2014, generally speaking, it was a good year for our family.

My wife and I just celebrated out 31st wedding anniversary, and in this day and age that says something about a relationship. She is a beautiful woman who is truly the strength behind every good thing I have ever done. Our daughter turned 21 this year and is now a senior in college. A smart girl, beautiful like her mother and "driven" like her daddy. Always pushing herself to do better in every aspect of her life and a constant reminder to me how quickly time goes by. We lost some friends and family this year but made some new ones so I guess in the circle of life it all balances out. Our biggest news this year was the completion and move to our new studio. We are downsizing and it is smaller but works perfect for us. If you haven't been here yet, we invite you to stop by if you ever find yourself in the area. People complain about my coffee though and say it isn't strong enough. Isn't it funny though how it always seems to disappear. LOL

So as we pass from the old year and move forward towards 2015, let me take this opportunity to say "thank you" to all of our cients, customers, friends and family. We thank you for whatever role you have in our life. We hope and pray that you each had a Merry & Blessed Christmas and that you and your families enjoy and happy and prosperous New Year; remembering that true wealth isn't determined with money!

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