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Friday, October 24, 2014
By Jim King
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Yes, it's true, I am finally "going for it" and making the jump into the world of cyber space marketing. Jim King Photography now has a blog!  Of course whether or now it is successful will be a two-fold project as it will depend partly on my ability to keep it interesting for you and more importantly, it will depend upon how YOU respond to it by reading, commenting and sharing the images that I will post here. While at this point I have no idea of how much I will be posting to this blog, I will make every attempt to post something new EACH WEEK!

As I posted images on our "Jim King Photography" page on Facebook during the construction of our new studio, I promised some big changes in the way we do business. This is one of them. Starting very soon, you will see that my image posts to our Facebook page will consist of only one or two images with a link to this blog. If you have ever stood in front of my camera, then you know that I like to be creative in my images and have fun as well. In many cases there are unique stories that go hand in hand with the capture of my images. A blog will allow me to share that with all of you. Something I never did on Facebook. 

We are excited about this new "chapter" in our business and hope that you enjoy it as well. I am also making a HUGE change to our photo "proofing" process, but I will save that for another blog! LOL. As always, we appreciate all of you. Many of you have become clients from the "word of mouth" of former clients, or because you followed our Facebook page and liked what you saw, or one of many other reasons. It doesn't matter to us how you found us; the fact is that you did! Over the years many of you have become like famly to us and for that we are forever grateful. I hope you enjoy the Blog. Thanks so much!

~ Jim

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