Monday, August 03, 2015
By Jim King
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Last weekend I captured the wedding images of Sharon & Lee. Two really great people with huge hearts and as strong of love for each other and the outdoors as any couple I have ever met. I was honored to be a part of their special day and wish for you a long, happy, healthy and prosperous life together.

Prior to the wedding, I had met with Sharon and we eventually did her bridal portraits. This was definitely one of my favorite bridal sessions that I have ever done!

Sharon and Lee share a common love of the outdoors, and that includes hunting. It is very important to me to capture the personality of those I photograph and this was no exception. What a fun time we had and now that we are past worrying about the groom seeing them beforehand, I am posting a few of them here.

If you would like to see the complete set of bridals, you can click on the link below and view them on our "proofing" page.


Thursday, April 02, 2015
By Jim King
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When it came time for our daughter to graduate high school, she was blessed with the opportunity to attend her choice of several different universities. She looked at a few of them but it didn't matter. She wanted to be a "BearKat" and Sam Houston State was the only place she felt she could get what she needed for her chosen career path. My wife and I had no problem with that, as SHSU is a great school with an incredible reputation for their Criminal Justice program. 

It's been a good "fit" for Chelsea as she has excelled in her classes, made lifelong friends in both students and professors, and is excited more than ever about her future. It's hard to believe that my baby girl is all grown up (I will save that for another blog) but she is now a Senior at Sam. Last night, my wife and I attended the Senior Ring Ceremony and it was truly a site to behold. 

Named after the Texas hero, Sam Houston State University was established in 1878 and is a beautiful campus and deep in tradition. One of those traditions is the "ring ceremony" which actually began the day before the presentation. The cases of senior rings are escorted to the home of Sam Houston by the SHSU Army ROTC. The rings are then placed in the bedroom of of the old Houston homestead where they are guarded throughout the night. The day of the ceremony, the rings are then escorted by Army ROTC and SHSU Police to the colliseum where during an incredible ceremony, they are handed individually to the recipients. Tradition can be a wonderful thing and makes for lifelong memories!

Something to note is a specific inscription on EVERY Senior ring. When Sam Houston was a young man and prepared to leave home, his mother gave him a keepsake ring. Inside it the word "HONOR" had been inscribed. Though the rings of today's graduates can be created in a varity of styles, materials and "bling" they ALL have the same inscription to the inside of the band, and yes it reads "HONOR."

I was fortunate enough to be able to capture in photographs, the rings as they traveled to Sam Houston's home until they were presented to senior students. Attached here are a few of the images I captured during those travels. You will notice the glow of a blue light coming from within the home during the overnight stay of the rings. As I understand it, the light is symbolic and only shines during the stay of the rings. 

You can see more images on our "Jim King Photography" Facebook page. Check them out and tell me what you think!

Saturday, March 21, 2015
By Jim King
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One of the many things I love about my job is the chance to meet people. When they hire me to capture those special moments in their life, and during that time I try to get to know them. Knowing something about a person or couple really enables me to get better images. I want the best for them as I consider it both a blessing and an honor to have been chosen for the job. This is never more true than when a couple come to me and ask me to capture the images of their wedding. During the time of engagements, bridals and then the actual wedding day, I can learn a lot!

I have been photographing weddings for a lot of years now. I have seen couples profess their undying love and devotion to one another a thousand times. There is something that I saw in this couple though that made me want to post this blog. The first time I have ever blogged engagment photos, but this is the right couple. Katie and Taylor are genuinely good people; both strong in their faith and their committment to one another. 

For me, it's easy to see that Katie & Taylor are in love, and I mean truly in love! That's a good thing and as it should be when two people decide to get married. More important though is if you spend any time around them at all, you will see that they are not just in love now, but have that love that lasts "happily ever after."

When you watch them look at each other you can them growing old together. You can see them looking at each other and thinking of "growing old together". Then they smile. That my friends is true love.

I had the chance to spent some time with them as they spent the day on the beach and out on the water. Look through these images and see what "happily ever after" and growing old together looks like!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
By Jim King
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Well it would seem as though 2014 is just about behind us now. In 6 hours we will start all over again, and at that point I will begin trying to remember to write "2015" on my checks. It will take me a month before I finally get it right on the first try. Yes, I am still one of those guys that writes checks. Would you believe that I have actually NEVER used an ATM card in my life! I am "old school" in just about everything. My lifestyle, my likes, dislikes and my work. I'm certainly not complaining though as I have been truly blessed in my life. As for 2014, generally speaking, it was a good year for our family.

My wife and I just celebrated out 31st wedding anniversary, and in this day and age that says something about a relationship. She is a beautiful woman who is truly the strength behind every good thing I have ever done. Our daughter turned 21 this year and is now a senior in college. A smart girl, beautiful like her mother and "driven" like her daddy. Always pushing herself to do better in every aspect of her life and a constant reminder to me how quickly time goes by. We lost some friends and family this year but made some new ones so I guess in the circle of life it all balances out. Our biggest news this year was the completion and move to our new studio. We are downsizing and it is smaller but works perfect for us. If you haven't been here yet, we invite you to stop by if you ever find yourself in the area. People complain about my coffee though and say it isn't strong enough. Isn't it funny though how it always seems to disappear. LOL

So as we pass from the old year and move forward towards 2015, let me take this opportunity to say "thank you" to all of our cients, customers, friends and family. We thank you for whatever role you have in our life. We hope and pray that you each had a Merry & Blessed Christmas and that you and your families enjoy and happy and prosperous New Year; remembering that true wealth isn't determined with money!

Friday, October 31, 2014
By Jim King
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Anyone that knows us knows that we are animal lovers. We have a rescue dog at the house, I call her the "Sparklator" and she is now 5 years old. Not even one when we got her, she certainly has a special place in our heart. The same can be said for "Sugar" who just happens to be Diana's little bright eyed buddle of joy.

Today is Halloween and it just seemed fitting that the two of them would stop by the studio for a photo. Of course "Sugar" is ready to do some trick or treating, though I fear she may get more tricks than treats dressed up as she is. Yes people, that's right, little "Sugar" is a Pinata....

What a fun photo shoot, with that little gal posing for the camera like she was shooting for a magazine advertisement. Naturally I was going to drag mom into the shot as well. Photographs make for a great family keepsake. To see the rest of the images, visit our "Proofing" page on our website at Thanks so much Diana for stopping by. It was the highlight of my day!